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What is OCR

OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition which is the fundamental pillar on which Picture Translator Online has been built. OCR is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of handwritten texts or scanned or printed documents into editable or searchable data. OCR helps digitize the text in the images so that they can further be used in various aspects such as machine translation, text mining, automatic number plate recognition and so on.

How Does Picture Translator Online Work?

After getting a brief insight into what OCR does, we can infer that Picture Translator Online is another byproduct of OCR's varied applications. Picture Translator Online using OCR extracts the characters present in the uploaded image, reads them and converts it into a language chosen by the user thus making the pain of not being able to understand a foreign text a seamless task.

Picture Translator

Picture Translator is an ocr online converter tool which is used to translate text from image to any desired language like translate japanese from image to english or translate text from image written in hindi to english. An image to text converter which can prove quite handy when you are on your favorite road trip to an unknown land and you can't read the road signs, this image translator will quickly put you out of your misery by acting as a language translator and converting all the gibberish to a language of your choice!
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Picture Translator Online Video Tutorial

Steps To Use Picture Translator

Fretting about how to take a picture and translate the text written in it online? Well, worry not! Picture Translator which is an online image to text converter can solve your problem in a jiffy. Follow these simple steps and happy picture word translation!

Step 1


Click the button marked in red to upload the image from your device whose text you would want to translate.

Step 2


Select the language you would want to translate text from image from the dropdown

Step 3


Click on the submit button to see the magic of picture translator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the best way I can make use of Picture Translator Online tool?

    Picture Translator Online can be used to translate any foreign text in an image to the desired language of your choice. All you need to do is upload an image with text written on it and behind the scenes with the help of OCR technology Picture Translator Online will extract the text from the uploaded image and translate it to the language you have chosen from the dropdown.

  • Will Picture Translator Online translate the text without selecting a language from the dropdown ?

    No, Picture Translator Online will not translate the text embedded in the uploaded image unless a language is selected from the dropdown.

  • Does Picture Translator Online support translation of PDF documents ?

    No, Picture Translator Online does not support PDF document translation for the time being. If you want to translate the text you have in PDF format, you will need to convert the PDF into an image and then upload the desired image to be translated.

  • What is the efficiency rate of Picture Translator Online ?

    We have made use of the latest OCR technology to ensure that all the images uploaded are translated to your desired language irrespective of the calrity and language in which the text is present. We have calculated the efficiency of translation to approximately 97.1% which is what makes this tool unique compared to other tools present.

  • How many languages are supported by Picture Translator Online?

    Picture Translator Online translates 64 languages from all over the world from Yiddish to Vietnamse to Icelandic to Hebrew! You name it and its already there!

  • What happens when I come across "Sorry the text could not be translated"?

    The above text implies that Picture Translator could not translate the text due to insufficient clarity of the image. We would suggest you to try and upload a clearer image and try again.

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